TWW Krasnodar

March, 6.
TWW Tournament.

The first day.

Having gone with 24 people (children under 16 years old), we took 3rd overall team place ? and won 35 medals:

18 gold ?
10 silver ?
7 bronze ?

Considering that a total of 46 teams competed in the tournament, we believe that they showed an excellent result ?

Thanks for organizing and inviting @twwbjj
Everything was at a decent level.

And congratulations to our champions, as well as their parents ??




March 7.
TWW Tournament

Second day. Category “Adults”

Only 5 participants with PrideBJJ and we take home 8 medals:

1 gold?
1 silver ?
6 bronze?

InshaAllah we will return to this tournament in larger numbers and take more gold.
In the meantime, let’s keep working ?

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